1. How can I download MobiGlobe App?

Just visit Respective Store on your Smartphone and search MobiGlobe find and install on your smartphone.

2. How much does the MobiGlobe App Cost?

3. How do I make calls with MobiGlobe App?

4. How do I make payments using the MobiGlobe App?

At present, the option of making a payment using your MobiGlobe App is from Paypal, Voucher, credit and debit cards also. Also you can pay by using our website and login with your account and recharge your account.

5. What is the recommended version to use with the MobiGlobe App?

We recommend that you use the latest version of Android and iOS for the MobiGlobe App.

6. What should I do if my call is not being connected?

Please check that the dialled number is in the correct format which is "00" followed by the country code and then the phone number you wish to call.
If you have dialled correctly and the call is still not connected then we recommend that you contact our Customer Support Team via email:info@mobiglobe.com

7. When I use Call via WiFi option, I experience poor call quality. Why is this?

Call quality may be poor if your WiFi signal is weak. For good quality calls, ensure that the WiFi signal is green and avoid making calls when it is grey or red.

8. Why do I need to enter Login details every time I use the MobiGlobe App?

Normally this should not be the case. You may be asked if you have not saved your Account Number and Password in the Settings. Once you save the above details, you should not be asked to enter Login details every time you use your Android App.

9. How do I Log Out from the MobiGlobe App?

After making the calls, if you wish to Log Out from MobiGlobe app, go to Settings and Click on Log out. You will be logged out instantly.

10. Why using MobiGlobe App?

We have provide best suitable rate for internation call destination. you can save 90% on every month by using MobiGlobe App.